about us

Our History

Since 2006, FusionPoint has attracted a wide range of clients, developed lasting partnerships, and has white labeled our technology as the engine behind the most innovative products in the industry.

Our Values

We take pride in our ability to develop long-lasting relationships, in maintaining a personal touch, and in our aptitude to react with focus, agility and vision.

Our Promise

We are committed to making the information you need to run your business accessible at any time and from anywhere on a consistent and reliable basis.


Data Management

Big Data is only valuable if it’s Clean Data! We specialize in projects that involve large or numerous data sources that require multiple levels of accuracy verification, complicated mapping structures and hierarchy management.

Data Visualization

A picture is worth a million data points! Our reporting and export tools are specifically engineered to allow the user to easily filter and aggregate data in managable pieces.


Through the art of automated analytics, we help transform data into information that is most likely to impact your business.

Some of our clients

Benefits of working with us

  • Revenue growth through insight discovery
  • Faster, less expensive reporting and analyses
  • Critical resources deployed against the highest value-adding tasks
  • Risk reduction associated with data supplier/methodology changes
  • Proactive monitoring and adapting to market changes
  • Deeper understanding of your customer and the market
  • Competitive advantage vs. less sophisticated competition

Data Management Capabilities

  • Inventory
  • Design
  • Acquisition
  • Quality Assurance
  • Harmonization
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Visualization
  • Hosting

App Development

With over a dozen years of experience building multi-tier enterprise-scale applications, our component based platform brings to the table most of the key pieces needed in any solution.

Many companies have partnered with us to white label our systems and technology as their own. Some of the systems you already use today may be licensing our technology.

Tableau Module

Tableau makes working with information fun and exciting. The challenge with Tableau is “feeding the beast” with clean reliable data.

FusionPoint’s data management services can feed consistent reliable data to either Tableau Server or Tableau Desktop.

Call us today if you wish to get more out of your investment in Tableau!

Success Stories

A message from our CEO

As a founding member of FusionPoint, it gives me great pleasure to serve as the company’s current Chief Executive Officer. I believe FusionPoint’s vision, systems, technology and people will allow us to aggressively pursue an expanding ecosystem of data and analytic opportunities.

Please reach out and connect with us to discuss any current or future service we can provide. It is my primary goal to initiate and develop lasting client and vendor relationships. I look forward to speaking with you.
Jason Lungarini

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