Since 2006, FusionPoint's technology platform has evolved to serve an expansive set of data management, analytic and reporting applications. The platform facilitates a shortened development and delivery cycle as well as ongoing enhancements that pace changes within user devices, web browsers and security protocol updates.

FusionPoint knows that data management and analytics are complex services that cannot be delivered with software alone. The success of our platform has largely been driven by a balanced focus between Technology, Automated Processes and Experienced People.


FusionPoint maintains our Cloud Based Platform to remain compatible with current and evolving technologies. Some of the core components available include data servers, data design, data acquisition, data harmonization, hierarchy management, analytic engines, reporting, security, user management and backup. Our current UI layer is built using HTML5 and JavaScript, it supports most browsers and devices. Our API interfaces allow for seamless integration with internal and 3rd party systems.


The organizations who come to FusionPoint after trying the big data experts have realized that despite what those big organizations claim, there is no magic button that can drag and drop data into a cleansed, integrated and harmonized state.

The platform's Artificial Intelligence Engines will proactively send messages to our experienced client service team whenever anomalies are identified. Experienced representatives will then investigate each instance and work to correct the error, or if necessary reach out to the client or the vendor in order to resolve it (for instance to find out of the data is truly in error, and if so to expedite getting an updated data feed.)


FusionPoint specializes in projects that involve large or numerous data sources that require complicated mapping structures and hierarchy management. We can host client data solutions in the cloud providing all required hardware, software, and administrative resources. We provide easy access to the harmonized information to feed internal teams, internal systems, key business partners, and external systems without restriction.

FusionPoint’s end-to-end “Roadmap to Data Excellence” includes data exploration, database design, data acquisition, quality assurance, harmonization, hosting, implementation, monitoring and extracting. Our platform retrieves data from any location (on-premise, cloud, vendor, and data provider) and in any format (database server, flat file, Excel, API). We employ multiple levels of both system and human QC checks into every stage of the data management process.


FusionPoint helps organizations leverage the huge amounts of internal and external data they have consistently, reliably, and with unmatched quality. We understand the importance of building a foundation of trustworthy and reliable data. We employ a robustly disciplined and systematic approach to data management that far exceeds the capabilities presented by others in the marketplace. As one knows, when data is managed with an eye toward quality and accessibility, the data can then fuel automated insight/analytics and reporting/data visualization capabilities that help organizations confidently find meaningful business opportunities and grow profitably.

The platform's Artificial Intelligence Engine uses traffic light-like reporting to identify clean data (green), data with minor issues (yellow) such as missing data points, or data with significant issues (red).

In addition, FusionPoint's Client Service team and your team will have access to a variety of data reports. These reports allow visual assessment of the data beyond the automated evaluation executed by the platform itself.


FusionPoint helps organizations migrate up the “Analytic Maturity Curve”. Starting with a robust foundation in quality data, you can progress from tracking historic performance to monitoring and analyzing the existing environment, to forecasting and projecting future performance.

FusionPoint’s analytic platform has been leveraged to feed automated analytics including:

We are agnostic regarding analytic techniques and methodologies. We will embed any client-preferred analytic model required or feed any client-preferred analytic partner. FusionPoint also has our own analytic partner network and can recommend the right partner based on a client’s needs and budget.


The biggest difference between the FusionPoint platform and a standard dashboarding and reporting tool is our ability to transform data and analytics into actionable insights. We focus considerable time and energy ensuring the right information is in front of the right person at the right time.

Our boardroom-ready presentations and visualizations work off a templated design that ensure speed, accuracy and consistency of all metrics being reported. The UI is balanced to provide flexibility for a wide range of users, easing acceptance and adoption.

The FusionPoint data management platform can also feed fully cleansed and harmonized data into 3rd-Party reporting and visualization tools such as Tableau or PowerBI, both FusionPoint partners.


With over 15 years of experience building multi-tier enterprise-scale applications, our component-based platform brings to the table most of the key pieces needed in any solution. Unlike shrink-wrapped solutions that fall short of adapting to your specific need, we can provide a tailored product off our proven platform that ensure rapid user adoption as well as targeted success.

Many companies have partnered with us to white label our systems and technology as their own. Some of the systems you already use today may be licensing our technology.


Our clients entrust us with their critical business data, and a lot of the data they are collecting includes Personally Identifiable Information. Our SOC 2 certification and compliance controls meet the security and availability standards we need to protect our clients’ data.

At the network layer, we provide 24x7x365 intrusion protection monitoring to ensure authorized access to the system. At the application layer we employ secure authentication and user monitoring. We can accommodate a wide range of specified governance including password complexity, password length, password lifetime, session length, limited login attempts, logout and multi-factor authentication.


All the workstreams, timelines, and fees quoted in our proposals include hosting services provided by FusionPoint in its colocation facility located in the eastern United States. We can however support multiple hosting options which can be made available at the onset of the project or at any time during the duration of the contracted period.

FusionPoint Host - All hosting hardware and services provided by FusionPoint.

Microsoft Azure Host - FusionPoint will manage servers configured in the Azure Cloud. The servers may be located in a region chosen by you and additional servers may be placed in alternate regions upon request.

AWS Host - FusionPoint will manage servers configured in the AWS Cloud. The servers may be located in a region chosen by you and additional servers may be placed in alternate regions upon request.

Internal Host – We can leverage our existing hosting hardware and services. FusionPoint's will assist in configuring and supporting the solution in the alternate data center only, but will not manage OS configuration, Database Server Configuration, IIS Configuration, Internet Security or Backup.


FusionPoint follows an Agile development methodology where small cross-functional teams focus on a series of small deliverables. Each stage has specific milestones, tollgates and deliverables that are designed with clients. This discipline allows us to isolate elements of the project and ensure that multiple efforts can happen in parallel with frequent release to business users.


Headquartered in Charleston, SC, FusionPoint is a highly reputable and influential automation, analytics and data management firm. FusionPoint's cloud-based technologies have served an impressive group of consumer goods, retail, technology, telecommunications, education, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, as well as leading marketing and sales consultancies. Our proprietary technology platform has been white labelled as the engine behind some of the most innovative products in the insights and analytics industry.


Over the course of our history, we have been keenly focused on developing long-lasting relationships with organizations that share a passion for using data and analytics to make faster, smarter, and more profitable business decisions.


FusionPoint's existing technology platform is remarkably well-positioned to deliver against the following goals:

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